Phthalate Free Plastisol ink

The most Popular & efficient pigmented colour used in the garment printing industry is phthalate free Plastisol ink. Phthalate free is opaque plastisol printing inks which contains PVC but free of phtalates. Screen printing plastisol ink is easy to print, does not dry in the screen, is opaque on dark garments, and features great adhesion to most t-shirt, athletic jerseys, hoodies, heat transfers, and most textiles in general.

DCC partnering with Rutland Plastic Technologies (USA) has developed products to make the screen printing process easier, more attractive, and more profitable. These Plastisol inks are for screen printing cotton, polyester, nylon, Lycra and Spandex.

Plastisol ink can be specially formulated for each of these fabrics as one ink is rarely the best option for all fabrics. We offer all the special formulation needed for foil application, stretch products, 3D effects and even glow-in-the dark effects.

Phthalate Free Plastisol Textile Screen Printing ink

We produce hundreds of standard compounds offering proven performance and exceptional value for thousands of applications.

T-shirts – Sweatshirts – Jackets - Tote bags

More prints per gallon, no build-up, and ease of printing make us the leading ink system in the market place.

Rutland-DCC Ink Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. has become the biggest supplier of ink in terms of product range. Our plastisol white ink provides the most essential tool for screen printers of any size. Printers face the challenge of having many different substrates in today’s market place that calls for specific white inks to meet different requirements. Rutland understands the challenge and provides the finest white plastisol inks available in the industry.

  • Plastisol inks can be printed on many items that can withstand the heat required to cure the ink and is porous enough to permit good ink adhesion.
  • Plastisol inks do not dye the threads of a fabric like traditional dye stuff.
  • Plastisol ink wraps around the fibers and makes a mechanical bond with the fabric.

White Plastisol Inks : Wide range of white plastisol ink are designed to meet the demands of specific substrates or can work across many different substrate.

Stock Colors : Offers a wide palette of ready to use plastisol color inks in stock and available readily. These colors come in two series: EH – High Opacity and EL – HO Low Bleed and are completely non-phthalate.

4Color Process: Our well-known 4-Color process inks, comprising the EC NPT product series, are Non-phthalate and provide great color brilliance and printability.

Bases : Offers a wide variety of bases, giving the printer more freedom of choice and helping to minimize inventory. Plastisol Base products can be colored with the Color Booster concentrates

Special Effects : These specialty inks allow any printer (manual or automatic) to offer the customer more than a flat print. Creating great art and amazing prints is only limited to printer and artistic imaginations.

Modifiers & Additives : These special viscosity modifiers and additives were formulated to work with Rutland screen print inks and mixing systems to allow the textile screen printer to adjust our inks to meet specific application needs.

M3 Mixing System : This high performance, low-tack plastisol color mixing system is designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. Our Finished Ink Color Mixing System allows printers to see a reduction in ink costs and an increase in production.

C3 Mixing System : Our Color Booster Mixing System consist of single pigment color concentrates that were developed as a means of enhancing our finished ink mixing primaries by offering a darker, more saturated color. It will create thousands of popular colors in a variety of product series simply by switching to the appropriate base.

Key Features

  • User Friendly Ink : Do not dry in the screen and can be left in the screen for extended periods of time without clogging the mesh.
  • Easy to Print : It is ready to use right out of the container more than 90% of the time.
  • High Speed printing ink : In most applications, it can be printed wet-on-wet, which allows for increased production speeds.
  • Opaque on Dark Garment : It comes in formulations that can be printed on light and dark fabrics.
  • Eco Friendly : And, in most municipalities, the disposal of waste plastisol is a very simple process.
  • Adhere to most Textile: Ideal for screen printing on Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Lycra & Spandex.


  • Cotton

  • Waterproof Fabric

  • Denier Cloths

  • Cotton/Polyester

  • 100% Polyester

  • Athletic Polyester

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