Screen textile printing

With the ideal concept of providing complete solution to printing process, DCC offers everything from screen printing machines to frames to inks and consumables. Provides flexible printing with 04 color to 48 color print option, patented registration system to reduce setup time to 10 minutes and integration between sampling (Manual) to production (Automatic) by using same pallets, registartion system, printing frames & features. Such Printers are great for use on light-colored cotton, linen, blends, polyester, rayon, and other synthetic fibers. Not to forget the extensive training and workshops carried out at the print school that will not only help develop skilled technicians to rely on but accelerate efficiency with higher production, in turn, reducing operation costs.

Prioritizing quality, DCC offers textile screen printing solution, which comprise on-press equipments, textile presses, post-press equipment, dryers, flash cures, pre-press equipment, digital imaging products, and flocking equipment from the leading brand M&R. Offered are inks and consumables from brands like Rutland and Creative inks and transfer paper from brand Arjo.


Printing Press Equipment

DCC offers the widest variety and selection of textile screen printing presses for business of all sizes, from manual t-shirt presses to our industrial size automatic screen printing press.

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Pre-Press Equipment

The prepress job concerns all the operations prior to the actual screen printing. There’s a lot that has to be done before ink meets t-shirt or fabric and delays in the pre-press phase can result in a loss of time and print quality during production.

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Post-Press Equipment

Post Press textile screen printing is the final operation consists in washing and drying the fabric, used immediately after printing to dry the fabric in order to retain a sharp printed mark and to facilitate handling between printing and subsequent processing operations.

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