Printing press equipment

DCC offers the widest variety and selection of textile screen printing presses for business of all sizes, from manual t-shirt presses to our industrial size automatic screen printing press. Our range of textile screen printing equipment includes carousel and oval screen printing machines, both manual and automatic, belt automatic screen printing lines & flash cure systems from table-top presses for entry-level screen printers & smaller business, to our line of 4, 6, and 8 color presses for larger screen printing businesses.

These equipments are easy to setup & operate in any facility and designed for heavy duty use. These printers are best suited for printing applications such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, slacks, socks, handkerchiefs, bandanas, pillows, bags, textile promotional articles, etc.


Automatic printing machine

M&R Victoryone Hybrid victoryone

M&R’s aggressively-priced VictoryOne is the industry’s most affordable oval screen printing press—and it can be paired with two different M&R Digital Squeegees for fast hybrid printing. VictoryOne’s 22-station base module can be expanded in 6-station increments to create 28, 34,40, 46, 52, 58, and 64-station configurations.

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M&R Alfa 8 Alfa 8

Alfa 8 is M&R's oval shaped screen printing press. With being modular and expandable, it can be configured for almost any production requirement. The oval shape of this press takes up much less space than comparable carousel screen printing presses and that allows more use of available production area.

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M&R Challenger series challenger

If you're looking for most affordable large formats with high performance, automatic screen printing, M&R's Challenger II and Challenger II OS should make the perfect choice. M&R’s Challenger III automatic screen printing press combines innovative features like M&R’s electronically adjustable Ink Dip™ ink retrieval system with exceptional speed and the best ideas from over 25 years of M&R automatics. The revolutionary Challenger III D automatic screen printing press by M&R, makes for the world's fastest t-shirt printing machine.

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M&R Diamond series Diamond series

Looking for a versatile and highly affordable entry-level automatic screen printing press? Diamondback series by M&R should perfectly fit the bill. Available with up to 9 printheads and in 8 and 10-station configurations, Diamondback's maximum image areas range from 35 x 28 cm (14" x 11") to 51 x 53 cm (20" x 21").

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M&R Gauntlet III Gauntlet III

Looking for a versatile, high-production mid-size automatic screen printing press? M&R's Gauntlet III fits the bill. Available in 10-16 colors, this printing press offers a maximum standard image area of 48 x 55 cm (19” x 22”). The printheads of Gauntlet III are driven by fast, reliable electric-drive motors.

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M&R Predator LPC Predator LPC

A uniquely versatile, high-volume belt printing system that delivers exceptional results on cut-piece goods is the M&R’s Predator LPC automatic screen printing press. Predator's special features include, the edge-to-edge and all-over screen printing done using water-based inks. It also excels on finished goods like flags, banners and towels.

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M&R Pre-Runner Pre-Runner

M&R’s best semi-automatic T-shirt sample press is Pre-Runner. The press is available in standard and oversize (OS) versions with respective maximum image areas of 66 x 71 cm (26” x 28”) and 112 x 97 cm (44” x 38”). Both sizes come in single-pallet and optional triple-pallet configurations.

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M&R Sportsman sportsman LPC

For exceptional value and quality at an amazingly affordable price, choose M&R’s Sportsman EX automatic screen printing presses. And to get an exceptionally fast screen printing press with a large 51 x 51 cm (20” x 20") maximum image area with compact footprint, opt for M&R’s Sportsman EXG automatic screen printing press.

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M&R Stryker Stryker

M&R’s Stryker is the most versatile and affordable oval screen printing press available, with pricing comparable to carousel presses of similar color capacity. Stryker’s 10-station base module can be expanded in 6-station increments to create 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46, and 52-station configurations.

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Manual printing machine

M&R Kruzer Kruzer

If you're looking for the most affordable entry-level manual screen printing press, M&R's Kruzer is the right choice. M&R's rugged construction and innovative design includes numerous proven design features, including tapered-roller-bearing-supported upper and lower carousels, a precise micro-registration system, machined center shaft, and three-point pallet leveling system.

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M&R Chameleon chameleon

Revolutionary two-tier design, unrivaled expandibility and rugged construction makes Chameleon the best manual screen printing press for sampling and production. The M&R's system integration design allows Chameleon to integrate seamlessly with M&R’s Tri-Loc and Double Tri-Loc Rapid Registration System and all M&R automatic screen printing presses to create the most phenomenal registration/sampling/production system available.

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M&R Sidewinder Sidewinder

M&R’s popular Sidewinder manual screen printing press is available at an exceptionally affordable price. Sidewinder sets a new standard for mid-level manual screen printing presses with M&R’s rugged construction and innovative design.

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With the quality, performance, and durability of unique Chameleon manual screen printing press, Abacus II athletic numbering press combines M&R’s versatile numbering system. Chameleon’s 20-printhead Duo-Deck configuration of the unique two-station numbering system makes printing two color numbers a breeze.

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flash cure system

M&R Acoma Acoma

The Acoma flash cure system’s powerful infrared heat panel with solid-state dwell controller and temperature control dial provide consistent heat settings from job-to-job. Flash curing is made even more effective by forcing air through the radiant panel and onto the substrate. Acoma flash cures’ light weights make them easy to wheel around screen printing shops. The adjustable stand and panel assembly has 120° swivel movement to provide clearance for even oversized screen printing pallets. Acoma features foot-pedal/timer control for smooth, easy operation and consistent repeatability.

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M&R Blu-Flash Blu-Flash

M&R’s Blu-Flash is an unbelievably affordable—and amazingly versatile—infrared flash cure system. It features a powerful infrared radiant panel for rapid, consistent curing performance and outstanding durability. A variable-percentage (1-100) power control allows adjustment of the curing temperature, and the sturdy, lightweight stand provides easy positioning and superior portability in screen printing shops. The Blu-Flash flash cure unit also shows its versatility as part of M&R’s Transformer & Blu-Flash flash-based curing system.

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M&R Habanero Habanero

Habanero is a fully portable infrared flash cure system for automatic screen printing presses. It features a powerful infrared panel, digital temperature controls, operation indicator light, solid-state circuitry, and a fully insulated panel guard to minimize exterior heat. The sturdy, height-adjustable stand features floor-leveling wheels. Hood-mounted controls give it a sleek, clean appearance. These versatile freestanding flash cure units are easy to move around screen printing shops

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M&R Cayenne D Cayenne D

Cayenne D is M&R’s most sophisticated and versatile freestanding quartz flash cure system. Its medium-wave sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps feature adjustable intensity, and its instant-on flash cure technology conserves energy by reverting to standby when the screen printing press is idle. The digitally-controlled curing lamps are divided into three flashing zones that can be operated independently or in any combination. Using fewer flash cure zones on small screen print areas reduces ambient heat, lowers energy costs, and leads to faster substrate cooling.

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M&R Red Chili Red Chili

The freestanding Red Chili D quartz flash cure system uses medium-wave sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps, that feature adjustable intensity and it works with both automatic and manual screen printing presses. Instant-on flash cure technology conserves energy by reverting to standby status when the screen printing press is idle, and the curing lamps are divided into three flashing zones, which can be operated independently or in any combination. Using fewer flash cure zones on small screen print areas reduces ambient heat, lowers energy costs, and leads to faster substrate cooling.

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M&R Reno HW Reno HW

Reno HW is M&R’s most economical infrared flash cure unit for automatic screen printing presses. Its press-mounted shuttle design delivers smooth, dependable operation in a sleek, compact package. Reno HW’s digital temperature controller delivers accurate results, and its optional floor stand turns it into a multi-use flash cure unit that will suit the needs of many screen printing shops. With higher wattage for faster curing, Reno HW is an ideal infrared flash cure unit for M&R automatic screen printing presses.

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M&R Serrano Serrano

The Serrano infrared flash cure system uses a smooth AC electric drive and roller-bearing assemblies for dependable performance and long life. The shuttle on this freestanding flash cure unit can be controlled by an optional foot pedal or integrated with the screen printing press through an optional communication cable for automated operation. Serrano features include adjustable stand height, control box cooling fan, power level control, and power indicator light. Serrano is a versatile and powerful flash cure unit.

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M&R Tabasco HW Tabasco HW

Tabasco HW is an economical, dependable infrared flash cure system for manual screen printing presses. It features lever-lock rotation and floor-leveling pads for easy setup. Tabasco HW flash cure units are height-adjustable and completely portable, making them easy to move around screen printing shops. An on/off switch activates the flash cure unit’s powerful and energy-efficient infrared heating element. Tabasco HW features an analog temperature control dial and an efficient, high-powered infrared heating element for faster curing.

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M&R Tacana D Tacana D

M&R’s Tacana D is the ultimate integrated quartz flash cure system. Its sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps feature adjustable intensity, and its instant-on flash cure technology conserves energy by reverting to standby when the screen printing press is idle. The digitally-controlled curing lamps are divided into three flashing zones that can be operated independently or in any combination. Using fewer flash cure zones on small screen print areas reduces ambient heat, lowers energy costs, and leads to faster substrate cooling.

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pallets , floodbars, squeegee holders

M&R Link Pallet mobile pallet system Link Pallet mobile pallet system

M&R’s Link Pallet mobile pallet system (U.S. Patent Nos. 9,315,063 and 9,315,012) makes it easy to move substrates between screen printing presses and direct-to-garment digital printers without loss of registration. The foundation of Link is a pallet base with a built-in micro-registration system and spring-loaded pallet locators. The mobile pallet consists of an aluminum pallet that locks into position on the pallet base. The mobile pallets and the adhered substrate can then be moved from machine to machine at will without affecting substrate registration. The Link Pallet system delivers phenomenal results on garments that require additional colors or types of garment decoration that may not be achievable on a single machine.

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M&R pallets and platens
pallets and platens

M&R offers screen printing pallets and platens in a wide range of standard and specific-use styles and sizes. Specific-use pallets include All-Over Print (AOP); Double Half-Wing; Jacket Hold-Down; Oversize; Single-Sleeve; SureVac; and Triple Play. All M&R pallets use premium components, are built to exacting specifications, and are designed to fit a wide variety of M&R screen printing presses.

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M&R squeegee blades squeegee blades

Premium single-layer and sandwiched triple-layer squeegee blades, available in a variety of durometer ratings, feature color-coding and labeling, part numbers, and sharpen-to lines.

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M&R Vacuum Pallet System Vacuum Pallet System

M&R’s SureVac Vacuum Pallet System lets textile presses print specialized products, including transfers, poster stock, and other rigid and semi-rigid flat substrates.

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M&R Winged Floodbar Winged Floodbar

M&R’s unique yet simple Winged Floodbar ink containment system helps keep ink under the squeegee and away from the edges of the frame.

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Ancillary equipment

M&R Annamister Jr Annamister Jr

Annamister Jr. is a convenient, highly-affordable alternative to inconvenient, costly aerosol cans. It allows operators to quickly and easily apply a fine coating of water-based adhesive to screen printing pallets and platens. The fully-adjustable spray jet provides precise and consistent one-handed adhesive application. Compact and portable, the sturdy, height-adjustable floor stand can be easily rolled into place, and it includes a submersible pump and a shelf for a 20 liter (5 gallon) bucket.

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M&R BladeShapers BladeShapers

BladeShapers are M&R's precision squeegee sharpeners, and they're available in three sizes: BladeShaper SC, BladeShaper MC, and BladeShaper LC. All employ virtually indestructible square-cut diamond wheels to sharpen all squeegee materials, including single and multiple durometer types. They're warranted for five years against diamond wear in normal use.

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M&R Flocker 3000 Flocker 3000

M&R’s Flocker 3000 makes it easy to add tightly-registered multi-color flocking capability to most M&R automatic textile presses. The standalone unit has a 38 x 43 cm (15” x 17”) or 50 x 70 cm (20” x 28”) flock opening, and accommodates frames of (W x L) 66 x 79 cm (26” x 31”) or 79 x 109 cm (31” x 43”). Flocker 3000 is activated by the print carriage, and it’s compatible with M&R’s print-start/print-finish feature, M&R’s Optical No-Shirt Detector, and M&R’s Skip-Shirt foot pedal. Flocker 3000’s dosing brush is driven by a pneumatic cylinder, with speed settings adjusted by a flow control.

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M&R Flock-Vac Flock-Vac

Flock-Vac helps get the most out of flocking by minimizing the mess—and reducing the cleanup effort—typically associated with flocking.

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M&R i-Kiss substrate press i-Kiss

i-Kiss helps improve print quality by flattening garment fibers immediately prior to printing. Many garments are prone to fibrillation. This tendency of fibers to protrude through the printed image can detract from an otherwise perfect print. i-Kiss is normally mounted in the printhead that immediately precedes the underbase coat in order to minimize the time between compressing the fibers and printing on them. Much like a garment iron, i-Kiss uses heat and pressure to flatten and stabilize substrate fibers.

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M&R In-Tac adhesive system In-Tac

In-Tac streamlines and simplifies oversize and all-over printing by applying adhesive inside garments before they reach the press.

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M&R Kool-Mist automatically cooldown system Kool-Mist

Kool-Mist automatically cools down screen prints and minimizes after-flash tack by applying a high-pressure atomized spray of water and food-grade silicone. Positioning Kool-Mist between the flash cure unit and the next printhead eliminates the need for an open station. A single proximity switch and mounting bracket make it easy to integrate Kool-Mists with screen printing presses.

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M&R Passport unloader

The phenomenal Passport is M&R’s patented automatic textile unloader for automatic screen printing presses. Automatic takeoff systems for graphics have long been a staple of the industry, but the search for a successful automatic takeoff system for T-shirts and other textile substrates remained elusive—until M&R took on the challenge. Passport is the first automatic unloader to remove textile substrates quickly, carefully, and consistently. In addition to revolutionizing the takeoff process, Passport dramatically lowers labor costs by reducing the number of people needed to operate a screen printing press.

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M&R Qwik-Klamp clamping system Qwik-Klamp

M&R’s Qwik-Klamp modular squeegee clamping system makes it a snap to assemble and disassemble squeegee holders and blades. Qwik-Klamp’s modular base unit is capable of clamping squeegee holders and blades up to 56 cm (22”). The modular base unit can be joined with one or more expansion units to enable clamping squeegee holders and blades in 56 cm (22”) increments up to 112 cm (44”), 168 cm (66”), 224 cm (88”) or longer, making Qwik-Klamp ideal for squeegees used in Graphics printing and in oversize and all-over T-shirt printing.

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M&R T-SC Flock Vacuum

T-SC uses a powerful vacuum system and stiff-bristle brushes to remove loose flocking material from garments after they exit the dryer.

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M&R Turnabout mixer Turnabout

The Turnabout automatic ink mixer employs a blade that imparts a lifting and rolling action to screen printing inks. That, coupled with Turnabout’s rotating action, ensures evenly blended inks, even reaching ink that typically settles on the sides and bottoms of containers. The container clamping system is self-centering and adjusts to accommodate a wide range of container sizes.

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