Heat Transfer Machine

DCC offers the largest selection of heat transfer equipment, right from the heat transfer machines for small t-shirt businesses to machines used in an established, sportswear industry. The entire range of heat transfer machines by DCC are offered from the brand Monti Antonio from Italy. These machines are used for textiles, furnishing, fashionable apparel, sportswear, promotional apparel, panels, metal, films & many more.. The heat transfer machine comprises of three categories;

PIECE to PIECE: These are the flat presses for printing substrates and fabrics in cut pieces. DCC offers a wide range of conventional hot plate presses for sublimation and transfer printing. Available are individual presses for special applications.

ROLL to ROLL: These are calendars for printing continuous and reel-wound materials. Designed for continuous printing of fashion and furnishing fabrics, non-wovens, and films, these have limited runs of promotional materials, narrow strip fabrics and ribbons.

PIECE to ROLL: These are special calendars capable of operation in both modes, material in cut pieces and in rolls. Used are transfer paper in both sheet format (screen-print, off-set) and roll format (rotary, digital).

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