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Training Lack of skills in using product technology is what’s restricting companies to expand printing projects. A business needs to have the right manpower to be able to optimize the capabilities of its technology. DCC understands the significance of investing in this field and thrives to bring the paradigm shift. Printing is the most profitable business with fastest ROI in the entire textile chain while it also adds ultimate value to the product.

DCC executes Operative Training that applies to technical knowledge and Printing Process Training is that applies to improving each of the work processes. For a predictable outcome, technology and process both need to be standardized.

Lean being the operating philosophy of DCC, we aim at continuous improvement by extensive training on equipment and best practices of periodic maintenance and machine repair. And so, the training institute is not limited to a classroom, offered is hands-on experience. All the products from the pre-press to ink room to printing machine and all the printing techniques are displayed for practical demonstration.

In Printing Process Training, DCC teaches printers to view things as manufacturers, who survey the larger production environment for a better outcome. Improving each of the processes will make work much easier, while delivering maximum value to our customers at the lowest running cost per unit.

The institute desires to shape the foundation of the new printing aspirants, which will also be available for DCC’s existing and new customers. DCC empowers its customers to use the product technology to the fullest, which in turn will boost their business.

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Support-2 DCC brings to your company unmatched customer support with decades of experience and expertise in solving production, management and strategic issues while ensuring quality improvement.

The on-field technicians assist you with everything from high contrast printing to productivity to increasing DPI; in whole they supervise your work processes to add value to the end result. They help you achieve fine print quality at lower production rate.

The technical staff and analysts become a part of your team on-site to provide such solid recommendations and solutions that help you earn more profits from your printing business. We deliver on time and ensure customers function at the zenith of efficiency.

DCC's technical support ensures:
  • Reduced waste and spoilage
  • Minimum make-ready time
  • Troubleshoot print problems
  • Reduced Costs
  • Solve production problems
  • Increase productivity
  • Expansion in revenue sources
  • Color management
  • DPI increase
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Service With more than 38 years of experience in the printing industry, DCC has one of the most experienced team of engineers and technicians to attend to your technical queries.

Preventive maintenance service: An unexpected downtime is simply not an option in the printing business. To avoid such situations, you need to make sure the equipment is maintained in best possible shape.

Preventive Maintenance Service is a comprehensive, single-event support solution that reduces equipment downtime, maintains the printing quality, performance and consistency.

Similar to any car that requires routine servicing, the periodic maintenance and machine repair helps keep the equipment in best condition for optimal results and the satisfaction value stays highest in the industry.

On call service: DCC knows that production is priority for any printing business and so we ensure your machines are running round the clock with least downtime possible.

Unlike other companies, DCC not only has your equipment back up and running quickly but the service department is well positioned with replacement parts of your equipment and materials necessary for fast and complete repairs.

DCC is designed to get the right technician to your location in short time upon your request.

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